This mission is offered by Lowery Cruthers.

What Goes Up


- Collect from a Solar Tracker with a bonus of 10% or higher.

- Have a Power Generator with a bonus of 5% or higher.

- Obtain a Card Pack.


- XP: 34,630

- Food: 23,760


- Masrani plans to take the corporate helicopter into the air carrying a tech crew.

Opening Dialogue:

Simon: Do I look like I'm hurt? Shine that light somewhere else! Claire, tell these paramedics! I don't require attention.

Claire: They're just doing their job. Everyone is trying to pitch in and help. Also, Lowery needs to reach the top of the tower to make repairs. We have to find out what's going on.

Simon: Really? Well, obviously he won't be taking the elevator - it's out of order. We'll have to drop him on the roof by the exterior.

Claire: And how do you propose we'll do that?

Simon: We have Jurassic One, remember? And I've got my pilot's license.

Closing Dialogue:

Simon: Lowery, you'll need to move faster than that. Jurassic One is fueled up and we have to takeoff now.

Lowery: Don't worry about me, sir. You just concentrate on flying us up there and I'll take care of everything.

Barry: Respectfully, Mr. Masrani, you can't go with Lowery.

Simon: Who are you?

Barry: My name is Barry, I am a handler in Jurassic World. Please, you must trust me. Do not fly the helicopter. These are extraordinary circumstances. We may be dealing with a geomagnetic storm, something not recorded on this island for decades.

Simon: So? So what?

Lowery: Whoa, hold the phone. If Barry's right, it's too risky to fly. The instrument panel could cut out and, if we lose rotors we're freefalling, man. I hate to say it, sir. But unless someone proves otherwise, we're effectively grounded.