This mission is offered by Owen Grady.



- Collect 80,000 coins from Carnivores.

- Have 40 or more dinosaurs.

- Buy and place a Fountain.


- XP: 39,950

- Food: 12,760


- Help Owen and Claire bring their evening to a close.

Opening Dialogue:

Claire: I don't understand. You weren't in any trouble but you allowed yourself to be discharged anyway?

Owen: MK 9 was my baby. I wasn't about to let some desk jockey admiral completely tear down years of hard work. Those dolphins depended on me. But shutting down the team meant they no longer had the rights and protection of the Navy. They'd effectively be ejected from the program.

Claire: So what happened? They released the dolphins back into the ocean?

Owen: Nope. I raised those guys. There was no way they could survive in the wild, not on their own at least. So I made a deal.

Closing Dialogue:

Claire: What was the deal you made exactly?

Owen: I met with the captain and offered to tell the media that we were actually "ramping down" on mammals in favor of something else. With the new presidential administration being installed, we knew we had one trick left up our sleeve: drones. See, the army likes robots. Less risky, fewer accidents. The media ate it up. Now all we had to do was find one angel investor who'd be willing to relocate the dolphins. That's when the captain suggested Masrani Global. He said the private sector might have a vested interest in animal training and handling.

Claire: You heard about Masrani Global acquiring InGen for a new special project.

Owen: Lock stock and barrel. It was pefect. Mr. Masrani paid all the expenses to relocate my dolphins in exchange for my services. I was flown to Isla Nublar almost the next day. Imagine my surprise when I found out I wouldn't be workin' with dolphins no more.

Claire: So you got your wish. In the end, you saved your dolphins.

Owen: In a manner of speaking. And now you know the whole story...

______________________________ End of Chapter:

Lowery: Where have you been, Claire? I've been verifying the integrity of our hardline systems while you've been out, in case you're wondering.

Claire: Dealing with OTHER problems, Lowery. Any sign when the magnetic event will subside completely?

Lowery: Without any training in geomagnetics, I can't say. It could flare up again any time. We won't have much notice.