This mission is offered by Barry as part of Chapter 17 "Low-Tech Troubles."



- Have 3 buildings with a bonus of 5% or higher.

- Collect 20,000 coins from buildings.

- Complete Battle Stage 30.


- XP: 57,000

Coins: 26,400


- Help Barry retrace the path from the Tower to the Control Room.

Opening Dialogue:

Barry: Mr. Masrani, there you are! You took flight from me again. Not all the habitats have been secured.

Simon: I did try to take flight, Barry, but you warned me away from Jurassic-One. And for that I thank you, but I do expect you to keep up. I'm sure you have a full report on my improvisations to deliver to Claire. Don't let me keep you.

Claire: No, stay. I'd like to hear at least two versions of the story.

Closing Dialogue: