This mission is offered by Claire Dearing.



- Have a nasutoceratops at Level 15 or higher.


- XP: 34,630

- Food: 11,880


- What does Hoskins have planned for Claire?

Opening Dialogue:

Zara: Ms. Dearing?? I have a message from Mr. Hoskins for you.

Claire: What is it?

Zara: He told me to tell you that he wanted to meet you in one hour by the bonfire in the square.

Claire: Why can't he come to my office and tell me himself? I have my hands full at the moment.

Zara: He was...very specific about it.

Closing Dialogue:

Hoskins: Good of you to come, Claire. I'm glad you followed my instructions to the letter.

Claire: I'm here and it's freezing outside. Cut with the cloak and dagger stuff.

Hoskins: You need to be careful around Owen Grady.

Claire: Oh, not you too. Look, Owen and I went on ONE date. That's it. Why does everyone think we're an item now just becau-

Hoskins: How did Owen arrive here? In Jurassic World, I mean.

Claire: It was probably Masrani Global who brought him in. They said Owen had a future here as a park trainer based on his 'unique' naval background.

Hoskins: Owen's presence poses a risk to our operations. Did you know, that prior to joining Jurassic World, he spent time in military prison?

Claire: What? No way.

I checked. He didn't remain in the Navy for very long. At the end of his tour, he was issued a discharge by a general-court martial for bad conduct.


Dr. Wu: Log Entry No. 33: Bioengineering team has vacated the lab for the time being. It is unknown when the storm over Isla Nublar will pass, If ever. Thanks to Owen Grady, I was able to secure my work on Project Ares before any electrical failure to the servers occurred. As a collaborater in the Raptor Response program, I believe I can trust Owen for now. He seems to be one of the food ones.