This mission is offered by Claire Dearing.

Show Time


- Have 2 Solar Trackers around an ACU Security Office.

- Move a building beside a Carnotaurus.

- Collect 15,000 coins from buildings.


- XP: 32,119

- Food: 11,440


- Help Lowery finish the remaining tasks before Masrani's interview goes live.

Opening Dialogue:

Barry: I checked every major channel on TV, Lowery. But no luck; none of the networks seem to have a clear feed of the press conference. Just static.

Claire: Don't tell me you patched every news camera into our com station. You know how much bandwidth costs in Central America?

Lowery: What choice did I have? It's either less Chatterbook and ePay time during office hours or you explain to Mr. Masrani why the interview's off.

Claire: Well, this better work. We have a lot riding on this conference.

Lowery: It'll work.

Closing Dialogue:

Lowery: I don't believe it! Networks still got nothing, not one broadcast. No matter what channel I flip to on TV.

Claire: Lowery, things are going south very fast.

Lowery: I'm telling you, it's not me! There's some weird freakin' current running through the air. It blocks everything, even smart phone reception.

Barry: Claire? I think Lowery maybe right.

Claire: What do you see, Barry?

Barry: Up there, the tower. Black clouds are starting to gather over it. And the lights are all out...

Claire: ME: Simon, are you and Journos OK up there in the tower? [6:21 pm]

Clare: Me: Please let me know if you're receiving my texts. [6:23 pm]

ERROR 303 UNDELIVERED STATUS: A communication failure occurred during the deliver of this message. Please try resending later. [6:24 pm]

Claire: What else could go wrong...?