This mission is offered by Owen Grady.

Man Of The Sea


- Have a Stegosaurus Garden Sculpture beside a dinosaur.

- Collect 150,000 Coins from Dinosaurus.


- XP: 49,655

- DNA: 12,320 Food


- Claire and Owen are looking for a place so they can talk privately.

Opening Dialogue:

Claire: Why don't we walk outside? You can tell me whatever ... whatever you feel comfortable sharing. For the time being, I won't judge.

Owen: I might know a place, come on.

Closing Dialogue:

Owen: First, you need to know that my military discharge is false: It never actually happened. In the Navy, I was part of MK 9, a human-animal cell in the Marine Mammal program for naval operations. Real black budget stuff.

Claire: You're talking about handling dolphins for the army? Yeah, I knew about that.

Owen: Not just dolphins. We trained whales, sharks, sea lions, anything with a tail and flippers that might give us an edge underwater. During the Iraq War in 2003, we deployed dolphin teams into the Persian Gulf to remove enemy mines that prevented our fleet from entering. It was supposed to be a textbook mine hunt...

Claire: And? Then what happened?