Gray Mitchell

Gray Mitchell, a popular character from the Jurassic World movie is featured in game as one of the leading NPCs, along with his older brother. He offers missions and is available by default.

Below we'll archive the many quests offered in-game by Gray. Some missions are missing data, in particular transcripts and summaries. Earlier missions are missing entirely but we hope to add these in at a later date. Thank you for your patience in the mean time.

No Going Back


- Buy and place a Solar Tracker.

- Collect 3,000 coins from an Alanqa.


- XP: 39,585

- Food: 11,000


- Gray is looking for a place to clean himself off.

Opening Dialogue:

- Missing

Closing Dialogue:

Gray: Remember when Mom and Dad used to take us to places like this? And we'd stop for ice cream sundae and Dad would steal some of mine and Mom's?

Nick: Gray, why do you go and bring up stuff like that?

Gray: B-Because I want those days back. I want Mom and Dad to be together again. The four of us, just like before.

Nick: Well, life doesn't work that way just 'cause you want it to, does it? The sooner you get that in your head, the better off you'll be. Mom and Dad, they can do whatever they want. They don't ask us how we feel about it. They don't want us to be a family no more.

Gray: Liar!

Nick: Wipe your tears. People around us are watching you cry. Don't embarrass me, baby.

Gray: I don't care.