This mission is offered by Owen Grady as part of Chapter 16.



- Collect 50,000 food.


- XP: 39,950

- Coins: 25,520


- As Owen and Claire continue their walk, let's be sure we have adequate resources.

Opening Dialogue:

Claire: Whew. I don't know about you but I need to get some air.

Owen: Yeah, same here. Care to see the best view of the park with me?

Closing Dialogue:

Claire: You've been awfully quiet since we left the restaraunt.

Owen: I keep replaying what happened that night in my head, wondering if I swam alongside my dolphin team, would things have turned out differently?

Claire: Look, no one in that situation would've known what to do. In my line of work, I have to figure out what information we don't have.

Owen: Ha, lot of good that did me. Our team began hearing rumors about an inquiry into MK 9's lack of efficiency on and off the field. It was a grilling, not even remotely fair. After the investigation, word of the incident trickled back up to top brass. And by then something had to give. The next day, I received orders directly from the desk of the Chief of Naval Operations to shut down and disband MK 9. National Security Council put pressure after news outlets began running stories about 'defective dolphins' jeopardizing the mission.

Claire: That was when you were discharged by a court-martial?

Owen: Not quite. I ... uh, I volunteered, in a way.