This mission is offered by Owen Grady as part of Chapter 16(?).

Divide and Conquer


- Have 7 dinosaurs at Level 40.


- XP: 48,640

- Food: 14,080


- Owen and Barry go their separate ways to tend to the dinosaurs.

Opening Dialogue:


Closing Dialogue:

Hoskins: Fellas, I don't like to see colleages bickering at work. Productivity is negatively impacted, and it's just no fun.

Owen: You're all about the fun, aren't you, Hoskins?

Hoskins: Don't take your hurt feelings out on me. If Barry didn't want to tell you about Project Areas, then that's between the two of you. But if you want to take me up on the offer I made to Barry, I'll consider it. Maybe I underestimated you.