This mission is offered by Claire Dearing.

Breaking Silence


- Buy and place another triple crown hotel.

- Have 2 Velociraptor Garden Sculptures around a Triple Crown Hotel.

- Complete Battle Stage 28.


- XP: 49,655

- DNA: 140


- Claire and Owen are looking for a nice place to spend the rest of the evening.

Opening Dialogue:

Owen: Man, look at the time - it's almost 6. I've been blabbin' most of the day. You hungry?

Claire: Starved.

Owen: We could go grab a bagel or something. I can finish my story along the way.

Claire: Bagel? No way, keep your bagel. Look, why don't we go to a nice place to eat tonight? My treat.

Owen: Ms. Dearing, are you asking me out on a date?

Claire: W-What? No, I...

Owen: I know the sound of a date when I hear it. And that's pretty much what it sounded like.

Claire: Call it what you want. Are you coming or not, Navy man?

Closing Dialogue:

Claire: How's your sirloin?

Owen: It's perfect. Better than what I usually get back home.

Claire: So, where were we? You deployed your dolphins into the Persian Gulf. Then what?

Owen: MK 9 began marking tethered or buried sea mines on the ocean floor. One of them in the group pinged back a small object. Heading straight for us. We read reports that the enemy was sighted in those waters and had destroyed ally supply ships. There wasn't a lot of time to react. After cooler heads prevailed, it turns out it wasn't a hostile at all. My captain nearly gave the order to fire by mistake. Even worse, tax dollars were being spent on MK 9 but all handlers on staff knew the one hard truth that none of us wanted to admit...

Claire: Which was?

Owen: That mammals, especially those recruited and trained by the U.S. military, don't always make the best type of soldiers.