This mission is offered by Dr. Henry Wu.

A Fine Line


- Level up 2 different Pterosaurs.

- Move 5 buildings.

- Move 7 decorations.


- XP: 34,630

- DNA: 135


- Help Dr. Wu get to the server rooms located at the far end of the park.

Opening Dialogue:

Owen: Let's go, Doc. There's a storm coming and everybody has to be out of the lab. That includes you and your team.

Dr. Wu: You go without me, Owen. I-I have something that I must do first.

Owen: Hey, where're you going? Claire sent me to evacuate the lab. Now, come on. This way.

Dr. Wu: I've been running tests for weeks. I need the results from the server site. I can't lose that data. We must get a copy of it first!

Closing Dialogue:

Owen: You got five minutes to grab what you can. After that, we're gone - I'll drag you with me if need be. The storm outside is brewing mighty badly and I for one don't wanna get caught under it.

Dr. Wu: I won't be long, Owen. I promise.